Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Portraits & Caricatures

During my almost-365-days-of-employment in the newspaper i have produced countless illustrations of portraits and caricature and these are mostly for sports. you can imagine how playful our sports section is with the illustrations we put in this section. i started working before the 2010 worldcup begun. you will see how my illustrations have developed and improved since the worldcup and now. one of the things i have gained while working in a very fast-paced industry is speed. im so glad i came to work in a newspaper. it taught me alot.

Diego Ribas --one of the recent works i did, also my favorite, it came out in the printer so well. 

Good old illustrator and photoshop love affair. I just love the tandem.

Darren Bent -- as you can see, the lines are more thicker on my recent illustrations. Stronger and more pronounced. It helps a lot in making my work faster and the rendering a lot less as long as i get the face right. 

Sometime when i get too tired to render my illustrations, there's always the photoshop filters to make my life easier and faster. hehe
Robert De Niro -- this is for a very small section of the paper. but is always something i like doing if given the chance
Lily Allen -- A different style i used on this one. More lines than rendering.

If you're a fan of his works then i don't even have to mention this guy's name. This illustration was for the business section.

Diego Forlan-- This was one of my most favorite renderings of all the WC illustrations. Plus this came out perfect on paper. Notice the thin lines that i used here, i don't use this anymore for caricatures.

Champion's League, Guardiola-- this is the very first illustration i made for an infographic. we kinda didn't have a standard style yet so i used my handy vector ways and some little smudging. 

World Cup was like the hazing period for me. I hated it but i loved it at the same time. these are just a few of the illustrations i produced during  WC. some i cannot post,  its too lousy.

Gulf Cup was the World Cup equivalent in the Middle East and it had almost the same rush for us but all the illustrations were a breeze for me, thanks to worldcup!

This small section of the newspaper is not mine, i only get to do this when the illustrator assigned is absent. hehe But always, when i get the chance i strut my stuff.

Other sports illustrations that made me so proud of myself.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wikileaks Frenzy

Wikileaks is making big news these days and it's getting bigger now that the founder Julian Assange has been arrested. He has now become the new hero to some masses but still remains a mystery to most of us.

This is a two-page article about the famous website and it's founder. It's both an opportunity and a challenge when articles like this fall on my lap. I hope i made justice to this story and the cause of this man.

Page designed by Adonis Durado
Ilustrations by Lucille Umali and Adonis Durado
Published on December 12, 2010


The original sketch in 0.5 mechanical pen on tracing paper.

The two-page article

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Monetary Authorities

This was a fun page to do, it always is when you're playing with money.

original sketch

details on the page

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oman's 40 Years of Progress

The sultanate of Oman is celebrating its 40th National day, His Majesty's four decades of reign. To commemorate the event, our newspaper published a centerpread infographics of the nations progress within 40 years (both in Arabic and English).

Published on November 29, 2010, Monday
Times of Oman and Al Shabiba

Infographic Designer: Antonio Farrach
Illustation: Lucille Umali

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Sa'id. This is my only contribution for this page. Its small but very critical yet the center of the whole page.

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Religion on Egyption Election

The Egyptian election was big on the news and i've been doing a lot of designer's page for the Arabic paper (Al Shabiba) before and after the election. This one was published during the election date itself and the story was talking about how religion is still a big part for the voters.
The whole page design

The design without the text. The lower part was cut to insert the ad below.

Ink on  paper, original sketch

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mothers Demand more Maternity Leave

Six and a half weeks with full pay leave is not enough for mothers in Oman. They need more time with their babies.

Original sketch

Published Novermber 15, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another political story about Mossad, Israel, Egypt and Syria

Part 1 of the story | Published Novermber 9, 2010 
This one tells about a book that published  about the Syrian reactor that was bombed a few years ago.

Part 2 of the story | Published Novermber 10, 2010
A more complicated story about bombings and a particular person who they say was behind some bombings.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Egypt and Sudan

I am exploring a new style in my illustration for this article. Although the story is very serious, i tried to use a style that looks a bit childish and very playful yet still maintains a serious tone. Thus the use of pure black and a bit og reds and yellows on the necessary areas.

Egypt is concerned with the war erupting in Sudan. It's mainly about the imigrants that will be running to cross the border of Sudan to Egypt.
The ethnic war in Sudan is getting worse.

My Sketchbook Project

When i received my sketchbook late last month i got so giddy to start with the first pages. but i only started sketching early this month! hahaha i need to finish the whole sketchbook by December so that i can send it back on time for the exhibition tour.

Here are a few pages that i've started working on.

while scanning my sketches, i discovered how the light played a pretty role in my sketchbook pages as i lift each pages against the light. it was so cool to see two pages combine when the light hits the surface (like the one above). the brush strokes are so clear that it gives a really cool texture effect on my artworks.

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