Sunday, November 29, 2009

James in the flesh

This has been a week late but the the ecstatic feeling is still there. It hasn't worn off yet. If you talk to me about the experience of meeting him, just prepare yourself with my annoying giddiness and stupid smile i always wear when i talk about it.

James Jean came to Manila last November 20-23. I caught him at Fullybooked, The Fort last Nov. 21.
James signing my Process Recess 2 book right at my favorite artwork - Succubus.

For those who DO NOT know who he is (from whatever planet you ever came from), he is just simply my god. James Jean is an award-winning illustrator and just simply an awesome talented dude.

Hey James! As a token of my fanatic appreciation, i give you my two salable journals! Those two are worth P600 only. I hope you use them, dude! hehehe

I was asking James the name of the flower he kept on drawing in almost all of his artworks. I tried to point it at the artwork behind him. He said that it was just his imagination, no particular flower. BUT, it looked like a chameleon, i dont know that flower. :|
My hair touched his shoulder...aaww and his arm.. just so near me. *blush*

James is a major influence to my artworks. Meeting him in person last week is like a dream come true (yes, yes i'm a fanatic)! I've been following him for more than 3yrs now and i never thought i would actually see him in the flesh much less talk to him. hehehe Too bad i didn't make it to his talk about his design process. But i'm all good, i couldn't ask for anything more!

Special thanks to my sister - Gai for documenting the most memorable day of my life and for waiting in line with me for about three hours. She's the best!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kismet Album Launch

If you still haven't heard the song, be there tomorrow at Handuraw restobar. Fall in love again.

Listen to CATTSKI's music here. Zafra's muric here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tsinelas Poster Process

I thought this was a very interesting and challenging project. When i was asked to design a poster for Tsinelas' guitar workshop, i thought i wouldn't go for the cliche - illustration of a guitar or some rock star looking cool with a guitar. But i couldn't think of anything. Atleast not right away.

Then i thought of playing with typography!
Here is the raw file i did in adobe illustrator. The 3 changes i made for the design.

This is the first design that got initially approved. But later was added with other details.

Notice the tip of the guitar. Some texts were added - & certificates. For a minute there i thought its gonna be a pain in the ass. I needed to move around the letters.

One major detail was missed! The dates! Notice the part in the venue, i needed to move and resize the letetrs so i can insert the dates. Now i thought its gonna be another pain in the ass. But it all turned out great. :)
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Visual: A Digital Design Conference

The biggest digital design conference in the South that aims entirely in promoting the colorful, progressive and dynamic medium of digital design.

Visual is a brainchild of a good friend who has nothing but a heart for the local graphic community. A historical event for the South. An event that has never been done before and this will surely be a great impact for the students and the professionals alike.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cebu Guitar Fest '09


This poster is a collaboration work of me and photographer Apiong Bagares. I did those swirly, firy elements around the guitarists while the photos, logo design and layout were Apiong's.

Something to look forward to this month! RAWK ON!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrities Wearing SORE

Ian Zafra of Sheila and The Insects (photos by Apiong Bagares)

Pina, graphic designer/stylist

Still not done promoting SORE! hehehe atleast for the merchandise. The SORE shirts are still available for orders at P250 only. for orders contact: 0916-342-3485

Saturday, November 7, 2009

KISMET (live version)

It's finally out, the video. This song is a collaboration work of Ian Zafra and Cattski Espina. They will be releasing an album of this song in 3 versions. The album will be launched on November 20 at Handuraw restaurant, Gorordo.

Kismet album cover

When i was asked to design the cover for Kismet, i couldn't say no. The kismet story was perfect for the SORE exhibit. It fell right into the puzzle. I'm glad i was a part of this project and it became part of my own personal story to tell. :)

Tees for only P250!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SORE Artist Journals

This weekend my exhibit will finally close. But the merchandise shall go on! Here are the journals that i am selling.

For orders, just email:
or you can just contact me :)

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