Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just finished this today. An Omani footbal player for an article in sports. This will come out tomorrow ( i hope i wont get in trouble with this.) hihihihi
ink on paper
here is the reference. Fawzi Bashir

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Another fullpage illustration for Al Shabiba about a archaelogical spot in Germany that turned into a tourist spot. i enjoyed doing this one.
rendered in photoshop

original sketches, stabilo pen 68 on paper

Friday, April 16, 2010

Champion's League

This is probably one of the illustrations that came out fot the paper that made me really proud of myself. this was a very time-pressured infographic. i was working closely with Antonio Farrach on this one for straight 3 days about the champion's league. even the CEO of the comapny would sit by us to see how the graphics were doing. and we were always behind schedule for printing.

my part was very critical for this infographic. all the images were solely dependent on me. the first one i had to illiustrate 16 faces including the 10 players from the 2 teams, 2 coaches, and 2 referees. i finished it all in one day but i want too happy about it.

the second one, i only did the coaches and the referees. i just traced the photos to make it fasted and cleaner. it was a good idea and i liked how it turned out.

for the last and very important one, i only did the two very important illustration of the 2 coaches of Real Madrid and Barcelona and a very simply vector illustration of the referee.we were pressed for time but i managed to edit the illustration in photoshop.
the match for Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona
Manuel Pelegrini the coach of Real Madrid

Josep Guardiola, coach of FC Barcelona
the 3Dish version came out for TImes of Oman. while the vector version came out for Al Shabiba. ahh the pressure with time.

Times of Oman
Al Shabiba

Monday, April 12, 2010

Arabic Dance

this one is about an arab man dancer. being a man and a dancer, is not acceptable in arab countries. its no problem with women but for men, they say its not something they are happy about. that's my brief about the story i was asked to make an illustration for.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hitler & Eva Braun

this illustration is for an article about hitler and eva braun. actually i wasnt really familiar with hitler's death much more about eva braun. i did my own research and found out about their controversial death. they committed suicide together  after they got married ina  civil ceremony. sooo romeo and juliet!

so this is how the illustration turned out. i wanted it to look a little bit creepy yet romantic. it was Osama's (senior designer/ calligrapher) idea to put them in a coffin so that his text weill be placed inside it.

this came out for Al Shabiba.

Two writers

Another illustration i did for Al Shabiba.  an article about these two writers. uhmm, i didn't get their names, i just got the photos and did a caricature in vector. i liked how this turned out. i put some textures on it to give an extra kick.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

First task -Angelina

the first illustration i made and came out in the newspaper for Times of Oman, lifestyle section was about tattoos on celebrities. they wanted me to do a caricature of angelina jolie. of course she's infamous for all her tattoo accessories. but i think i made a lousy job doing her caricature. i wish i could have done more on this.
i made a ketch of a koi as background and texture.
this one is the previous study which was more vibrant and colorful. theyw anted me to tone down the colors a bit because it was too colorful and some of the tones might not look good on the printing.
the problem with my design is that it did not look tattooish, thats what they said. but i was also working on the title to make it look more like a tattoish illustration. so drew the title and traced it in illustrator. i thnk i did a pretty good job here. ;)
Sunday, April 4th- the launching of the redesigned Times of Oman. Not bad for a start!

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