Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Day

In an alternative universe, we're the perfect couple.
(but in this one, we're just friends)
It's the 28th. I'm 28. Last day of the month! Felt like being cheezy so bear with me. I thought that line was lovely. Got it from a friend's tumblr, which he just reposted too. This photo was taken in our kitchen fridge. It's just purrrfect!

Playing with watercolor

Today i've been splashing my watercolor and got really beautiful results. Its actually for the project im working on (which im not even half way yet, bad). I loved the results so much i used it for some personal sketches. Just for fun. I liked how it turned out and these sketches were done during some past time ago.

This one right here, i was thinking of fairies. Pretty ones actually but i did not intend for them to look mad or something. It just turned out that way. That girl in the middle still looks really cute.

As for this one, i wasn't totally thinking on what to sketch. I just followed my hand strokes. She turned turned out to become a monster. Thats probably why the fairies looked mad. Maybe because they're enemies. hmmm..

It was a fun watercolor day! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In between projects

While working on two different projects, i'm trying to insert a personal work. From time to time i needed a break and what a perfect way to still be creative and productive during those breather.


These are just a sneak peek on a work in progress. Will post the finished work soon. Either i finish this first or the 2 pending projects. I'm on a tight sked!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Updating portfolio

I just added a few new prints on my Coroflot portfolio. I've been working on some advertising prints for Bigmao, Chika-an sa Cebu and Kaffee Alde last week. You guys might wanna check out their new food items. It's really yummy!

Flyer and Menu insert

Table standee 5x7 inches

More of my prints here.
Photography by Mike Perez

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello there february!

It's the love month already! Love is in the air and its gonna cost a lot to some people. hehehe As long as there are no tears falling, this month should be no pressure for everyone. Enjoy it like any other month of the year.

These are old doodles i stumbled upon when i moved to our new apartment. Uhm, this is probably around 3-4yrs ago, im not very certain. But i remember this was the time when i fell in love with Jon Burgerman. haaayyy.... you can tell by the looks of these characters. But this was just a phase. hehe

Hairy Girl & Banana Boy's Love Story
Girl: His lips are so gentle...
Boy: Her hair smells of a basketful of fruits

mag sige lang ug sikit... asus!

Girl: What a sweet sweet boy.

I will protect thee..

happy! happy! happy! happy! happy!

And the next thing you know....

happy love moth every all! :)

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