Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gangsta in Muscat

Muscat has these delinquent youth that roam around the city raising havoc to some quiet neighborhoods. Just like any country around the world.  Although Oman is known to be a peaceful country, there will always be some troubled youth out there. And they grow by numbers during the summer, youngsters with nothing else to do. 

Messing with Messi

I have drawn Messi countless times at work. Sometimes i even think i can draw him with my eyes closed. I remember the very first time i made a caricature of him, the sports editor complained that it was far from Messi, I kinda agreed with him that time, but since there was no time to redraw it, we just had to settle with my Messi-attemp. After that, i made sure i drew his face as recognizable as the famous man.

Copa America is here and Messi is back once again with his mighty team, Argentina. And of courseI get to draw the man against Forlan representing Uruguay. Now here comes the sports editor complaining again that this illustration is NOT Messi. I refused to believe i failed to draw his face. This guy is Lionel Messi!! Hmpf!

Your brain might have been tricked because in my caricature the guy sported a face that isn't usually illustrated of him. I'm just trying to convince you all guys that this is really Messi. I swear!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Them faces

I loooove making portraits, it's one of my most anticipated task at work. There is a section in the Arabic paper that gives me the opportunity to do this. Although it's quite small in dimension, i am always eager to do it. BUT, for some reason it has been decided to stop making portraits/caricatures on this small section ( i hope it is only temporary). There has been too much load at work now and for something so small, we can't put too much effort and time for it.

So here are the last few portraits i made for the last page of Al Shabiba section A. You might recognize these faces. The first one, I adore her so much!:)


Pretty little fellas

Just wanted to share something that i did today. It's a little discovery i made early this evening while working on an article about population. By discovery, i mean how cool it was when i saw the result of what i was trying to achieve. Actually, this technique has been done before  by another illustrator, i saw it while browsing on his site and i thought it was freakin' creative! Now here i am trying it out for myself. :)

The technique was drawing on a tracing papers and scanning two papers together. The one at the back (background) will have an opaque color while the one on front (foreground) will get the darker and clearer effect. It's a really cool technique!

Below are the details.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Small Illustrations

Every now and then i get this small illustrations and they come in a really tight deadline. After more than a year of working in a newspaper, i have developed a technique and style that has always saved my ass when situations like this arrives. 

The Prison Situation
For this illustration, instant downloaded brushes are the key to a fast textured looking artwork!

Buraimi Pollution
When i don't have to draw anything on paper-- that is a real time-saver. A fast pen tool and shape tool illustrations will always do the job!

Summer Robbery
My dependable Staedtler ink is my bestfriend when i want a safe and fast illustration. Just add in a few colors, texttures and brushes on photoshop and wallah!

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