Sunday, April 15, 2012

Benzema x Robben

A not-so usual rendering I use for match spreads, this is a watercolor portrait of Karim Benzema and Arjen Robben for the most anticipated Champion's League match this Tuesday.

Pride Ride

This is an office weekly  graphic exercise which is also a collaborative work with Winie Ariany. The aim of this poster is to show 'men' or masculinity without showing men (specifically Arab men). :D

There are so many ways to show and represent an Arab man, even just a simple man for that matter but avoiding the very obvious and the cliche's takes this task a notch higher.

Winie and I just simply boiled it down to 'speed' equals cars which is something very common in the Arab world. Men here show off their ride as a badge of machismo and the more speed it gives, the more pride they take on it. The tagline "Causing traffic with a pride" is more like an inside joke for us which any person who lives in Oman knows it very well, that these guys just cause heavy traffic showing off their rides.

There is something very phallic about the design that gave it more feel of the Arab men. ;-)

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