Wednesday, March 28, 2012

His Airness

I seem to be working predominantly on sports lately but all these are not just illustrations, all graphics and research are  mine, so, it's all a progress on my side! :) Although i do have some spot illustrations here and there.. i just haven't posted most of them.

His Airness, another centerfold published last Friday. It was fun working on this since i am all too familiar with MJ and the sports itself, not to mention i grew up knowing him as the God of hoops!
Above is the very first Air Jordan shoes. For conflict of interest, i had to remove the huge black 'check' logo and a bit of information that mentioned about Nike. Oh well! :D

Sir Donald Bradman

Published a few weeks back in as a centerfold in Hi magazine- here is a graphic i made from research to design and illustration. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Maradona twice

I made an illustration of Maradona twice, not because i wasn't able to capture the 'Maradona face' but it just didn't capture the article's story or the editor's fancy. And also because there was a bit of a misunderstanding in between.

First Maradona: Instruction was the article is just a small story about him managing a team in Oman. Something about it is not right, the story. So i thought of drawing him in a simple 'manager look' with very simple lines.

Second Maradona: "Action I want action!" the editor insists. OK Fine. Then i find out that it's a whole page and the illustration will be quarter of the page's size. Sheessh. And Maradona is training a team in the Mideast.

Nuffsed. @-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Long nights and quick naps

My excitement is uncontainable. Right now i am working on a personal work and i just can't describe how fulfilling the whole process is. :)

She is slowly taking form and i am so in trance.

Watercolor paintings

I think this is my first watercolor illustration for work-related stuff. I never brought my watercolor in the before because.. i don't know why. Anyway, these drawings are for a not-so-small article about women making money with home business.

There are laws that regulate home business in Oman, so they need to register it in the Ministry to avoid trouble!
Before this thing got printed, they made me change the $ sign to OR (Omani rial). Well, it makes sense but initially i thought of it already and figured that the dollar sign has always been the standard sign for moolahs. :D

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