Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vector lines in one day

Three days ago i made two illustrations all in the same style. One for a small article and a celebrity portrait. I like doing this sometimes, not shifting style on illustrations specially within a day. It allows me to continue the momentum and explore a particular style. This is a happy-fun-loving-colorful and random vector lines. It's very easy and quick! Good for some rush tasks.

Food Chemicals
About the junks we put in our body that causes cancer and even blindness. Foods that are chemically preserved.


Orlando Bloom
I just made him so gay in in 30 minutes!

My first anime page

I am not a fan of anime. It never really bothered me that it's a huge culture probably even bigger than life and there are a lot of really good movies, series and comics of anime. Just didn't took my fancy at all. What bothers me is if someone makes a comment of my illustrations and calls it anime. It's so not right!

But i am not a biased artist. Whatever works for a nice article to convey in my art and design, i will pursue it. For this article, it is once again related to Japan and its nuclear crisis and how it is affecting the investors. I thought what a better way to make an anime of it because anime is sooo Japanese (duhh palot)! By the way this is my very first ever to make an anime art. Very first.

The actual newspaper print was really good-- that's me expecting a really bad and poor attempt of an anime comic. Considering i'm a first timer! This page even made it to the wall of 'Best Pages of the Week'! :)
I made each frame in one A3, making sure my drawings are in good quality and very detailed. But i don't know how these anime artist do it. Their lines are just clean and perfect. And doing it in Arabic- my orientation has o be right to left. I was trying so hard to make it look like a pro anime comic-- but it was just a poor attempt. I need more years of practice.

Here are a few of my references. Just random google search. And since i am clueless on how to make anime, i had to have a crash course! I didn't wanna break any rules in anime. I have always had high respect for this art, even if i cannot really appreciate it,  now it just got higher.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Spending my Thursday-Off

My Thursday in Oman is my only FREE day. I usually go panic on what to do and how to spend the most out of my one and only day off in a week. But i always end up at home doing laundry or doing something more productive other than being online whole day available for chatting and catching up with friends and family. Although i haven't finished this yet.. will do in a few days. :)

Kill Me, My Incubus
I made the sketch of this a few months back (maybe 4-5 months ago). But after the whole pencil sketch, i left it lying in my watercolor paper stacks. Forgot about it. For a while there was a battle in my head whether to use watercolor or acrylic--part of the reason why i left it unfinished.

"I will let go, I will stop dreaming and believing in us. I need to set you free, I have been lying to myself every time i tell you you are free, i have kept you for myself all this time. i need to let go, only then when will i ever be able to grow. " 


My colors of despair.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Samurai for renewable energy

Japan is still in crisis and making more news about the nuclear thing going on. This article is talking about considering renewable energy for Japan. 

And what a nice way of using a samurai as an advocate for the renewables! I got really excited about illustrating this because anything related to old Japanese art always reminds me of a college plate which had a very low grade but i thought it deserved a really high grade. So everytime i get a chance doing a Japanese art (NOT anime), i always feel like proving myself! hahaha
The original sketch i used to traced in illustrator.

Some of my references while creating my samurai. Argh! so tough to get that 'old' effect of this Japanese art.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tourism in Dhofar

Here is a small infograhic showing the tourism in Dhofar ( northern part of Oman). Most tourists who visit this area come from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

In my more than a year here in Oman, i have never been to that part of the region. They say it's greener there, and cooler. Hopefully this year i can visit Salalah-the most famous tourist attraction in Dhofar.

"The Tourists"

Arabic version

English version

Published last May 17, 2011, Al Shabiba
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick post: Jenna Fischer

A portrait of  Jenna Fischer in ballpoint pen. This will be published tomorrow in the paper. Just getting ahead. :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Untitled (for now)

This will go untitled for now. I did this sketch while killing time 3 days ago. Will render this when i get the time or shall i say, if i don't get lazy. hihi

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My top 3 spreads before the final match

May 28 will be the final match for Champion's League and we will need to come up with something better than this top 3 spreads below. But before that, let me take pride of these 3 spreads i have created along with inforgraphic designer Marcelo Duhalde.

Top 1 Brazo: Internationalle against FC Bayern
Internationalle: Wesley Sneijder, coach Leonardo
FC Bayern: Arjen Robben, coach Louis Van Gaal
Robben in vector and later in photoshop.

Sneijder in vector and later in photoshop.

Top 2 The Galleon Fight: Tottenham Hotspurs against Real Madrid
Tottenham: Gareth Bale, coach Harry Redknapp
Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo, coach Jose Mourinho
coach Harry Redknapp

Coach Jose Mourinho

the cannonball players: Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 3 The Knights: Manchester United against Chelsea
Players: Wayne Rooney (Manchester)
             Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

Coaches: Sir Alex Frguson (Manchester)
               Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea)

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More football illis!

For as long as there is something happening in the football world, i will always have something to illustrate for the sports section and it usually comes in one big spread (that's two pages)! These spreads are all dedicated to the 2011 Champion's League that is still going on until this May.

I have already posted the first few spreads on Champion's League before and this set i am posting is the second set and is arranged not according to the dates but on how i took pride of the concepts and rendering on these spreads. 

1. Arsenal against Barcelona

2. AC Milan against Tottenham Hotspurs

3. Chelsea against Manchester United

4. Inter Milan against Chalke

5. Chalke against Manchester United

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Nalumos (Drowning)

'Nalumos' is Visayan word for drowning. This is an artwork i submitted a few days back for the Graphika Manila 2011. They will only select 100 artworks to be published in the book. Crossing fingers now! :)
Final artwork, graphite pen rendered in photoshop. 5.75" x 8.5"

This is the first version, a bit saturated. Since i cannot resist a warm colored artwork with that dreamlike feel on the hues, i decided this one will just remain on my disc space. hehe

Original sketch in graphite pen

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