Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Online STORE!

ANNOUNCING MY ONLINE STORE!!! It's kind of late to announce it here coz I've already posted about it on my other social media platforms. Hehe Nevertheless, I wanted to blog it (maybe in length, or not) for there may be other people who can read this here and not on the other platforms.

Anyhooo, it's been a long time dream to have my own shop online and even to have a physical one. It's still a working progress though and there are still so much to do and to change, some things are a bit temporary in terms of design in the website but some of the products are already posted. Most of what I have posted are the latest ones I did that I also sold during the Bahrain comic con. There are more products I need to upload and planning to branch into. So much work to do, who would've thought! :D

Here are some of the mugs that are already up on the store.



As of the moment, this is what my store looks like. Like I said, there are tons of work to be done while juggling some mommy duties. So, I'm just taking things one at a time but I'm sure glad I finally took the first step. :)

I sure do hope you visit my store! --->


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bahrain Comicon

Last month I participated in an event here Bahrain, selling my artworks and some merchandise. The Bahrain Comic Con was its first time in the country and it was well received by the public by the number of its visitors and from my point of view. It has been a while since I joined an event like this, four years ago I was in Dubai Comic Con, it sure does help to have a bit of an experience with such events. I made sure I was a little more prepared with my merchandise and the logistics. Fortunately the organizers did a very good job organizing the whole event, it was smooth and us the vendors were well taken taken of making everything just a whole lot of fun experience!

And of course, the kids had to join the whole fun too! :)

Here are some of the artworks I sold at the event.
Daenerys  | Some cast of Season 8 (poster)

Jon Snow  | Night King

Liv of iZombie | 13 Reasons Why

Claire and Jamie of Outlander

Stranger Things
(my most selling fan art works!!)

Grendizer (Bahraini) :D

If you are interested to buy some of these artworks just head on over to my shop! Although it's still a working progress and I'm still have to upload more artworks, you can already find a few in the shop.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Motherhood illustrations

Since motherhood has taken over my life, i can't help making an illustrated version of my my daily adventures. I haven't done a lot, i wish i could put all my experiences and misadventures into a comic strip but then again i wish i could do many things since my hands are always tied and my time is not mine anymore.

As much as i prioritize my child, i can't let my brow game get the back seat. It's the most that i could do for myself including taking a quick shower and keeping myself sane. Never mind all the mess around the house, dirty diapers lying around, dirty clothes piling up and of course, running late for work-- kilay is still life! :D

Shortly after my first child, the second baby came along and my makeup game has also upped its ante-- this time i was into contouring! Hah! With two babies, i really tried to squeeze in this part of my routine which was a bit hard. Although this time we already have a nanny but having two babies and at the time I was working, it was still a mess. But i do my best to get that 'time for myself'--and contouring was lifer!

It's 2017 when we moved to Bahrain and we we're nannyless- life started to become a bit more challenging than usual. My boys were becoming toddlers and hyperactive. I could not have imagined myself being where I am now, but hey that's life! One of the things that i am proud of myself is going out alone with the kids, they can be a handful and i am able to keep myself sane and calm but i'm actually dying inside! But once i am able to strap them in the car going home and everyone is in one piece then my day is done.

Motherhood will always bring me ups and downs, more subject to draw and more reason to do what i do. It's fun, it's exhilarating and most times exhausting that's why i need more coffee!


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