Monday, January 30, 2012


Here is a comics i illustrated that just recently cane out to print. It's a magazine in Arabic called Doureena, in English it means 'our champion' , and of course it's all about football.

This section of the magazine are actual complaints or situation related to Oman football.
Above is the final print which is a bit paler and spacious to the previous version of this (see below).  The sports editor wanted me to tone down the colors coz he thought it was 'too sunny'! hahaha! and he didn't like the idea that each scene was too close to each other. He wanted me to put borders or frames for each, just like an actual comics. We argued for a lil while but in the end, it's not really my final say. The version above is not that bad after all. :)

Above: complaining that the football field is bad, giving the players injury. This is in some area outside Muscat (i cannot remember the name of the stadium).

Above: Fans and players are complaining that the first aid team are very slow.

 On this one, a certain manager of a football team is being ejected by the fans and some players. Hehehe

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sports infographics

I have been making infographics! *huge smile* Since i joined the newspaper i have been trained to make infographics and it was never easy. First of all i hate dealing with maps and a lot of figures then there are datas to analyze. It just really hurts my brain. But like all things, nothing can be learned specially when it comes with a lot of pressure. 

With the patience of our head infographic designer Antonio Farrach and our art director's vision, i now have my own full spread infographics (just two for now).

I have to say, i am still learning and making some minor mistakes and still learning the art of visualizing data to. But the Stefi Graff poster only had minor revisions from our head.Antonio. :)

This one involved a lot of data and information, i thought i was not gonna be able to make it to the deadline. This also had few tweaking from Antonio after reviewing it. But in the end, i felt so proud of myself! :)

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I've missed blogging so much! :-*

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