Monday, July 30, 2012

Ramadan in Olympics

Can you imagine an elite athlete competing at the same time fasting during the world's greatest sports event? Believe it or not some opted to fast but most did not take the chance. There are many ways to look at the angle of a fasting athlete, many things are to be considered if one should fast or just be fast.

Among other things, a Muslim woman's religious duty is covering the hair and most of its flesh. And there goes the modesty issues.

In this graphic we tackle the obstacles that a Muslim athlete has to overcome just to reach for the gold.

Concept, design and editing: Adonis Durado
Research, illustration and graphics: Isidore Vic Carloman, Lucille Umali, Winie Ariany, Antonio Farach and Adonis Durado

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Fun Begin

 As part of the Olympic hype, Times of Oman published a graphic carrying the game schedules and venue. And to make the whole page more fun, i illustrated some of UK's most famous characters and personalities playing some Olympic sport. 

Let see if you can recognize some of them!

The Grammy-winning thrower (Adele)

The evolutionary  swinner (Charles Darwin)

 The fencing trump (Charlie Chaplin)


The MOnkey-talking player (Jane Goddall)

The soprano gymnast (Susan Boyle)
The Bald Archer (William Shakespear)

Art Director: Adonis Durado
Infographic Director: Antonio Farach
Graphics: Adonis Durado and Srimani Kandan
Illustrations: Lucille Umali
Copy Editor: Adonis Durado

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