Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kneeling Joy

A not-so-wholesome post as compared to the previous one, here is a sketch lost in the pile of papers in my desk. If i weren't killing time tonight, i would not have stumbled upon this. just a fast digital rendering for now, i am still thinking of retracing it and give it a real rendering. I am still thinking about it.

Aah the joy of kneeling.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Food Business

A page i did for the business section of Times of Oman. Went all vector and boxy for the page. Was also aiming for something very clean and sleek. At first the plan was to make it look like a menu since the article is about food and all but i wound up making it look like this, which i am personally very happy of the outcome. :)

The idea of my design was inspired by this.

Below is my study. First thing i did was layout the text in InDesign with the images in mind where to put them, print it and sketch on it until i get my desired illustration for the page.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If  i'm not drawing or designing, i take photos. Here is a set of photos i took during the time of the day when the sun is in its playful mood in my room. There is just no resisting to the tempting display of light.

some of these photos are posted in my Tumblr too!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I've been fishing lately

If you are wondering what i have been up to these days (at work), I've been drawing fishes endlessly. From time to time i finish a few fishes in a day if there is nothing for a daily deadline. 

After I finish this fish project, i swear i can recognize a fish and name them by their scientific name! :D

the squid!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goldilock Suicide

I'm glad to have another personal work again. But personally, this work has no profound underlying meaning whatsoever, just a product of self pressure to do something non work-related. hihi
(Above) is the sketch in pencil and ink

(Above) is the first digital rendering. Below are the details of the final work.

Friday, October 14, 2011


This is an old illustration i found in one of my 2011 folders. By old i mean i don't remember the story but i reckon it has something to do about local Omani writers or poets. I like the colors and the little details of this illustration. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bowed and Arrowed

Where there is pain, so will pleasure be. One can come after the other or together at the same time. One will find most pleasure after so much pain, and so much pain after please. Bowed and Arrowed is double pain at one time, imagine the pleasure after that. :)


Illustration done in a scratch log book paper. Rendered digitally.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Ramadan blanket

While August passed like a slight breeze in the heat of fasting, this ramadan blanket kept us all busy at work.  Twenty four pages that came out for the whole month, each one with Ramadan topics and if combined all together will form a one whole design which says 'Eid Sayed' (Happy Eid). This was a well thought and carefully executed design blanket. 

Waleed Rabin was the lead designer of the blanket which only means his brain was the most fried of all the people who worked with him on this project. Adonis Durado who was our design director did all the brain frying.  hehe.. I did most of the ink illustrations.

Click to enlarge


the final and last page

Here is a detail of the first illustration on the first page. It's obvious i couldn't keep a straight line. hehehe

A well documented process of this project with some interview from our design director, can be seen here.

Time out in Holland

I have abandoned this blog for a while, for no reason. While i was not blogging, i was out there on some other part of that world that i have never been to. I was in Holland having fun and seeing their art.  All i can say is that i wish i live there :)

 Now i will be back blogging! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

a work in progress

It's been a while since i've worked on an artwork with typography, here' one i can't wait to finish.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gangsta in Muscat

Muscat has these delinquent youth that roam around the city raising havoc to some quiet neighborhoods. Just like any country around the world.  Although Oman is known to be a peaceful country, there will always be some troubled youth out there. And they grow by numbers during the summer, youngsters with nothing else to do. 

Messing with Messi

I have drawn Messi countless times at work. Sometimes i even think i can draw him with my eyes closed. I remember the very first time i made a caricature of him, the sports editor complained that it was far from Messi, I kinda agreed with him that time, but since there was no time to redraw it, we just had to settle with my Messi-attemp. After that, i made sure i drew his face as recognizable as the famous man.

Copa America is here and Messi is back once again with his mighty team, Argentina. And of courseI get to draw the man against Forlan representing Uruguay. Now here comes the sports editor complaining again that this illustration is NOT Messi. I refused to believe i failed to draw his face. This guy is Lionel Messi!! Hmpf!

Your brain might have been tricked because in my caricature the guy sported a face that isn't usually illustrated of him. I'm just trying to convince you all guys that this is really Messi. I swear!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Them faces

I loooove making portraits, it's one of my most anticipated task at work. There is a section in the Arabic paper that gives me the opportunity to do this. Although it's quite small in dimension, i am always eager to do it. BUT, for some reason it has been decided to stop making portraits/caricatures on this small section ( i hope it is only temporary). There has been too much load at work now and for something so small, we can't put too much effort and time for it.

So here are the last few portraits i made for the last page of Al Shabiba section A. You might recognize these faces. The first one, I adore her so much!:)


Pretty little fellas

Just wanted to share something that i did today. It's a little discovery i made early this evening while working on an article about population. By discovery, i mean how cool it was when i saw the result of what i was trying to achieve. Actually, this technique has been done before  by another illustrator, i saw it while browsing on his site and i thought it was freakin' creative! Now here i am trying it out for myself. :)

The technique was drawing on a tracing papers and scanning two papers together. The one at the back (background) will have an opaque color while the one on front (foreground) will get the darker and clearer effect. It's a really cool technique!

Below are the details.

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