Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tunisia Spiraling

During the height of Tunisia's warfare, everyone watched as it grew while i get to draw it. It is always a question between me and my coleague illustrator what represents a situation, a country or an idea. Sometimes i take things litterally just so i don't have to bleed my brains out. hehe A flag is always a very lame symbol for a country, its either we're getting lazy or there's just nothing particularly significantl in that country. I used a flag for Tunisa. hehehehehe

This idea actually came to me when i saw this photo. everyhting just composed in my head when i stumbled upon this and baam! that's it. Sorry i couldn't put credit on the photo, i forgot where i got it from.  oooppsss! :|

What's In a Japanese Name?

In Japan, changing family names when they get married is apparently a headache for women. At some point women just stay single just so they can avoid all the hassle of going through goverment papers and a long process. That is just weird. :|

Here is my interpretation of the article. Using the braches of cherry blossom trees to symbolize both family (tree) and complications.

The final illustration rendered in photoshop.

Original illustration using calligraphy pen (red and black).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Co-ed Schools In Oman

This illustration tackles about co-ed schools in Oman. It's not a huge thing here in this Arab country, boys are always separated from girls and mostly parents are happy the way it is. But some would encourage this for its positive social effects. Oh well, this will always be a perrenial issue for parents specially the strict Arab ones.

Something is quite wrong with this original skecth, notice the legs. I almost didn't mind it until it's final result. If in doubt always consult Nasser (he is the go-to person in the office). So i took it off just to be really safe. :)

Published December 22, 2010 | Al Shabiba


The rare opportunity to do celebrity faces came along once again! And it's Shakira this time. For this illustration i tried a new thing- sketching without using any pen and paper just direct to the computer with my tablet. I actually haven't done it before so this would have been my first time. Thanks to Jeff Durham for inspiring me to do it. hehehe It does save me a lot of time plus being paperless makes me feel so earth-friendly! hihi :)

The original photo which i traced so lamelessly. hehehe

Omani Tailors

This one is from late December 2010 but published last January 1. It's always good to do something in advance so the rest of the tasks wont be in a rush. The page designer of this is always, and i mean always doing his pages in advance and doesn't tell me when the page is up for publishing. But hey, nothing wrong with that as long as it wont be a conflict with my dailies.

I tried another experiment on this page as far as my style in illustration is concerned. I wanted to achieve something that looks old style of sketching.. im not sure if i got it right but what matters to me now is that this looked really good and im pretty much satisfied with the whole page.

Original illustration withouthe text. I added a cloth texture for the part where the text will run. The tittle was also treated in a way that is has been sewn. Cool, right? It was the page designer's idea. :)

I hate illustrating hands! They are always the hardest part of the body to draw. Arrrgh!

Published on January 01, 2011, Al Shabiba

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sketches on the side

This is a relief for me to post some non-work related artworks (at least for a change). My sketchbook's been filling up a bit and some i just would not rather share. This one on the other hand  is interesting for me personally. I love my works in pencil, without color - it's soft and crude.

No storytelling this time, it's just one of those random thoughts that suddenly occur then my hands start to move on its own.


For a happy person like me, it's contradicting sometimes that i can create such sad and gloomy faces. Even sometimes empty faces.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Art of Bullfighting

Bullfighting is one of Oman's tradition and pride. It goes way  back in their history and is still  making a big part of their modern culture. The newspaper decided to make an infographic about this and show the people an in depth look of this bloodless sport.

Infographic designer: Antonio Farrach
Illustrators: Lucille Umali & Marcelo Duhalde
Published: December 21, 2010
Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 3

These main illustrations are mine and all done in graphite pencil.

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