Friday, July 31, 2009

im blogging!


This is not my first blogsite but im hoping i will continue blogging here. I'm hoping that i wont get lazzy-assed to blog about me and my art. mostly about my art, its the reason why i created this site anyway. Blogging shouldn't really be hard (i keep telling myself that) hehe

So here goes! Hug me, embrace me and welcome me.


Nonon Yee said...

Welcome Lot!!!...nice of you to blog about your artworks...^_^

palot said...

Thanks Non! ;)

Mind Your Legal Manners said...

grabe ka-amazing!

Anonymous said...

weeeh i am glad that you're blogging. :)


dEOc said...

I was planning today to read some recent posts from all the bloggers in this site but I realized that most people if not all are quite sincere making their first post. --- expect this same old comments to all the first post of all the bloggers that I'll be able to visit.

Anyway, welcome.

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