Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lucho González

This is NOT a tutorial, just showing how i worked on this caricature from scracth to the finished print. :)

Here is my working image, although this is not really from scracth but as you can see i have just started filling the whole shape of the caricature.
Working with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and that's the Argentine footballer Lucho González over there with a huge smile!

Just when the rendering on the face is almost done, Lucho is becoming more like Lionel Messi! :o

This part, i am working on the uniform and finishing up his hair.

Here i am working on the background with textures and toying with my brushes. The last part is placing my ever famous signature. I still forget to put my template signature sometimes. hehe

Comparing the image with the background agains the original image.

And here is the full designer's page for sports section of Al Shabiba.

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