Friday, June 24, 2011


Hmmm... i wonder if i should try Botox. Lol! I duwanna impair my 'embodied cognition'. hihi

It's been fun lately working with Extra pages for Times of Oman. Before i only get to make designer pages for business page- C4. Now we are exploring more pages and designing the pages more, than just illustrating. It's a lot better than having to keep coordinating with the page designers. On this page though, i have a lil help with Waleed Rabin. :)

Here are the original sketches for the page, all in pencil.


Julia said...

Congratulation for this masterpiece.
It shows exactly how a botox user feels after a treatment.
A friend had botox in Toronto and she told me that the smiley face is in both her eyes... because her self confidence increased considerably....and the problem of reading others emotions doesn't affect her.

MISHER said...

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