Sunday, July 17, 2011

Messing with Messi

I have drawn Messi countless times at work. Sometimes i even think i can draw him with my eyes closed. I remember the very first time i made a caricature of him, the sports editor complained that it was far from Messi, I kinda agreed with him that time, but since there was no time to redraw it, we just had to settle with my Messi-attemp. After that, i made sure i drew his face as recognizable as the famous man.

Copa America is here and Messi is back once again with his mighty team, Argentina. And of courseI get to draw the man against Forlan representing Uruguay. Now here comes the sports editor complaining again that this illustration is NOT Messi. I refused to believe i failed to draw his face. This guy is Lionel Messi!! Hmpf!

Your brain might have been tricked because in my caricature the guy sported a face that isn't usually illustrated of him. I'm just trying to convince you all guys that this is really Messi. I swear!!

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