Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Ramadan blanket

While August passed like a slight breeze in the heat of fasting, this ramadan blanket kept us all busy at work.  Twenty four pages that came out for the whole month, each one with Ramadan topics and if combined all together will form a one whole design which says 'Eid Sayed' (Happy Eid). This was a well thought and carefully executed design blanket. 

Waleed Rabin was the lead designer of the blanket which only means his brain was the most fried of all the people who worked with him on this project. Adonis Durado who was our design director did all the brain frying.  hehe.. I did most of the ink illustrations.

Click to enlarge


the final and last page

Here is a detail of the first illustration on the first page. It's obvious i couldn't keep a straight line. hehehe

A well documented process of this project with some interview from our design director, can be seen here.

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