Saturday, November 26, 2011

Food Business

A page i did for the business section of Times of Oman. Went all vector and boxy for the page. Was also aiming for something very clean and sleek. At first the plan was to make it look like a menu since the article is about food and all but i wound up making it look like this, which i am personally very happy of the outcome. :)

The idea of my design was inspired by this.

Below is my study. First thing i did was layout the text in InDesign with the images in mind where to put them, print it and sketch on it until i get my desired illustration for the page.


Matthew Engquist said...

You made all these by yourself? That is something! You're very good at vectoring. How long have you been practicing this? I used to make vector album covers for some underground artists when I was in college, but you're far better at it than I ever was.

Anonymous said...

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