Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sports infographics

I have been making infographics! *huge smile* Since i joined the newspaper i have been trained to make infographics and it was never easy. First of all i hate dealing with maps and a lot of figures then there are datas to analyze. It just really hurts my brain. But like all things, nothing can be learned specially when it comes with a lot of pressure. 

With the patience of our head infographic designer Antonio Farrach and our art director's vision, i now have my own full spread infographics (just two for now).

I have to say, i am still learning and making some minor mistakes and still learning the art of visualizing data to. But the Stefi Graff poster only had minor revisions from our head.Antonio. :)

This one involved a lot of data and information, i thought i was not gonna be able to make it to the deadline. This also had few tweaking from Antonio after reviewing it. But in the end, i felt so proud of myself! :)

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I've missed blogging so much! :-*

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