Saturday, February 25, 2012

No tablet week

Last week the graphics team in the office were given a challenge: working without the Wacom tablet! I swallowed a lump of surprise when i heard it from our design director. The whole idea was to challenge our skills and resourcefulness while being deprived from our comfort zones. Yes, the tablet pen has already become a part of our fingers and without it, i personally felt impaired!

So, when this spread came i thought i'd go back to using my old Staedler Graphic 3000 Duo. I was faster and still comfortable using it. But, it occurred to me that i am not challenging myself. So i decided to use fine line pens and make more detailed work without having to render them digitally with realistic colors. And waaallllah! :)

Husein Al Hadari of Oman national team
Nnam Tai Hee of South Korea national team

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