Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hugo Chavez is Dead

When the news broke out, it was the first thing that my graphic editor asked me to work on. Hugo Chavez was a leader who left his country divided when he passed away. Like all the leaders, he had his shares of supporters and enemies. As a media, we stand in the middle and show only the necessary information. 

The story(page) talks about Chavez's life as a leader for 14 years and his impact on the Venezuelan people including its economic and political sate during his reign.

The picture above is based on an existing photo but modified to make him look asleep.

The concept was to use the colors of the Venezuelan flag. The red side will represent the leftists and the yellow will be the people against Chavez.

The final illustration above with Chavez in blue and additional illustrations by Marcelo Duhalde.

The final page that came out last Thursday, the day after his death.

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