Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ad:Mission 2013

One of the biggest highlights of my thirty-day vacation was giving a talk in front of college students in my Alma Mater, the University of San Carlos in Cebu city. The event was called Ad: Mission, a small conference organized by the Advertising students in which they have gathered four creatives to "inspire" the future creatives in the field. The speakers were Kristy Anne Ligones (KDLIG), Victor Villanueva and Ken Onozawa. All products of the same university.

This was my first ever speaking engagement. I have refused this offer countless times but, in the end i had to say yes.

The days leading to the event made me really nervous and anxious. My audience may mostly be kids but they still have the power to judge me and i didn't wanna give a bad impression. After all, the lineup of the speakers were actually strong.
So there i was, giving my little talk and just breezed through my slide like a pro. I really thought i was possessed or something! I even thought i needed to share some more! I stood there for almost an hour, my best friend told me. Time just flew and i enjoyed every minute of it! :)

Mine was to share about being an illustrator in the newspaper. Above, I was showing a bit of my work process. (Look at my legs on the previous pic! wtf!!)

A slide from the film-maker Victor Villanueva. This guy is just so plain HILARIOUS. 

A slide from a very good friend, Kristy Anne Ligones (KDLIG)

KDLIG and Victor during the open forum

The entrepreneur Ken Onozawa

There were so many things I have learned in that event! It was so humbling to know that so many Cebuanos and fellow Carolinians have achieved so much in an international level. I'm glad i didn't turn this gig down. 


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Do you know Nigel Buchanan? Do you know Society of Illustrators Volume 52?

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