Wednesday, July 2, 2014

World Cup magazine supplement covers

More World Cup hype from from this part of the world and more design and illustrations from me! Here are four magazine covers that came out with my illustrations/designs for English and Arabic publication.

Let me tell you an inside scoop of this whole supplement: everyone in our design team is required to come up with at least three design covers and it's a MUST. Otherwise we will suffer the consequences.  And when our design director Adonis Durado says it, it has to be done. Everyone started coming up with ideas two months before the world cup even begun.

And here are mine so far. Here are the rest of the covers.

The First Kick
This came out on our maiden issue, concept, illustration and design are mine.

The Music of World Cup
This came out two days before the opening of world cup. Concept, illustration and design are mine.

David and Goliath
During the World Cup a David-and-Goliath match is bound to happen which was the case of Argentina x Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 15th.
Concept by Adonis Durado, Illustration\ Design by me

Eye Ball
Day 15th issue featured more on the women side of the event. This concept was by Gregory Fernandez while I was tasked to do the makeup. Photography by Cio Datan. Model: Jihan Attia
Check out the video of the behind the scene  here.

Check Times of Oman website dedicated to this year's World Cup!

T H A N K S ! :)

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