Friday, October 2, 2009

Freaky freaky

My exhibit is giving me so much pressure these days. Stressing me a lot too. Most of the time i am just blank with ideas for more artworks. I need some space. A break. haaayy

My hands are quick when i'm not pressured. This was done during a meeting. We were having a discussion about the office Halloween party. I was just busy doodling with something freaky, i dunno.
Which reminds me... i need to prepare the program for this party. pffft!


g0vinda said...

a unicorn angel! :D

palot said...

angel with a tail. hehehe

Narki said...

bai! hahahah! naa pod koy na sketch pareho sa imong gi sketch sa ubos, kanang girl nga naghigda. ingana porma. pero ang imoha muraggikan nag kuan" hehehehe

palot said...

HAHAHAHAHA! murag bai... gikapoy na siya. :D

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