Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Artist Statement

I would like to tell a story. My story on finding romance, giving in to earthly pleasures, losing romance and finding my way to self-worth again. It's a familiar story. Most people have experienced it. But this one is my personal statement. This is my canvas of LOVE, LUST and LOSS in my own digital palette.

All the colors I combined represent a collection of emotions for every chapter of the story. The bold and weak strokes show the bliss and misery outlined during that fruitful phase.

Hope is a recurring element in most of my pieces. A flower always blooms somewhere. People, events, and even songs are part of the creative process as I weave the story of my artworks, making the whole process a new experience altogether.

As I challenge myself to convey my message in digital form, I also wish to challenge everyone, especially women in this field to be bold, dare to express your innermost feelings!

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