Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tsinelas Poster Process

I thought this was a very interesting and challenging project. When i was asked to design a poster for Tsinelas' guitar workshop, i thought i wouldn't go for the cliche - illustration of a guitar or some rock star looking cool with a guitar. But i couldn't think of anything. Atleast not right away.

Then i thought of playing with typography!
Here is the raw file i did in adobe illustrator. The 3 changes i made for the design.

This is the first design that got initially approved. But later was added with other details.

Notice the tip of the guitar. Some texts were added - & certificates. For a minute there i thought its gonna be a pain in the ass. I needed to move around the letters.

One major detail was missed! The dates! Notice the part in the venue, i needed to move and resize the letetrs so i can insert the dates. Now i thought its gonna be another pain in the ass. But it all turned out great. :)
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Narki said...

it's great bai! :D

palot said...

thanks bai! :D nalingaw ko ani!

Earl said...

I like.

Nindot kaayo!

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