Monday, December 7, 2009

Digital Dance

I have been waiting for this. An article which came out weeks ago in CDN (Cebu Daily News) written by a friend of mine, Jay Young. I'm hoping to get a copy of the newspaper but this will do. Thanks again Jay and Meg!
Digital Dance
By Jay Young

My first peek into the artwork of Lucille Umali, was when I was being called to play for a song that was inspired by one of her pieces, titled “Dancing with a Ghost”. The song was performed Last October, at the Outpost, during her first one-woman exhibit titled SORE. The exhibit was so packed with people, that I told myself I would check it out another time. The next day I went early, and had the artworks all to myself. Since then, I have been curious to know the inspiration behind the artist.

She deals with digital art; most of her artwork is inspired by the female figure, sexual themes, and beauty. She has amazing use of texture, color and shape. Just like her favorite artist James Jean, you could definitely see his influence. And in her own way she brings a different kick to her work. The word that comes to mind would be sexy. I learned that her works are telling a story and a three-part journey. “This is my personal story on finding romance, giving in to earthly pleasures, losing romance and finding my way to self-worth again” she says. One of my personal favorites has to be the triptych centerpiece “Sex Will Keep Us Together”. While both sexual in content and title, I love how it had a sense of mystery and interaction with one another, and it really just pulled me in.

Aside from “Dancing with the Ghost” which was her piece written as a song by Jude Gitamondoc, her other works have close ties with music, including her work “Space” which she said was inspired by Insoy NiƱal’s “Kawanangan” and “Kismet” which was inspired by Ian Zafra’s song of the same title, which is also the artwork used on the album’s CD cover.

With ispirations from music, and personal trials of love, lust, and loss, Lucille clearly brings out a wonderful display of honesty and beauty in her works. As she succeeds in bringing to life what she saw through her eyes she also challenges everyone, “especially women in this field to be bold, to dare to express your innermost feelings.”

To view more of her artwork visit, where she has the prints, journals and T-shirts of her artwork for sale. Support our Local Artist.

The album, Kismet The Singles will finally be released this Friday, November 20 @ Handuraw Pizza in Gorordo. Bands playing are ZAFRA, CATTSKI, BETHANY & UNDERCOVER GRASSHOPPERS. Tickets are sold at P75 and it entitles you to a discount on the CD. Kismet merchandise and other Lucille Umali works will be available as well.

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