Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Cattski TEN Album

here's what's been keeping me busy last month and has been keeping me excited for march 20 to come.

cattski espina will be celebrating her 10th anniversary as a musician. ten years of creating & sharing beautiful music to the world. and it was a challenge when she asked me to design the cd sleeves. 

she wanted me to think of "growth". cattski wont stop at ten, there will be more of her to come and more creative juices to flow even more after ten. so, i had to show that in the album. 

i decided to use lots of colors - a palette of vivid & noisy hues and use of actual brushes for the texts and other elements. this for me, would actually give a feel of being fresh, raw and a never-ending flow of growth.

type done in brush

tittle studies

it's always fun working on something like this. i get to be really resourceful and have fun while working. i did a lot of illustrations for this album. will be posting more. :)

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