Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cattski TEN premiere version

Cattksi will release two versions of her album, the regular and the limited edition premiere package. the latter will include a dvd with all her 12 live demos and a 12-spread photo/story book. this was another challenge for me. designing the 12 spreads wasn't easy but sure is so much fun!

i played around with the songs so i can come up with artworks to go with the pages in the spreads. that is the fun part actually, a very collaborative thing to do. so i made atleast 5-6 illustrations based on Cattski's songs. here are a few spreads on the PREMIERE ALBUM.

this spread showed old band pics of Cattski. she also wanted me to put a doodle wing on Anne.

i really love this spread. it's soft yet brutal. the huge text says:" I'm free." while there's a tinie-winnie text thats says: "To hell with you."

the spread with the lyrics of Me and Tsaeh.

the spread with the lyrics of Genius. yeah Cattski's a genius. this one's also a favorite. :)

[click to enlarge images]

Grab your copy of this limited edition album on MARCH 20 @ THE OUTPOST!

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