Saturday, April 10, 2010

First task -Angelina

the first illustration i made and came out in the newspaper for Times of Oman, lifestyle section was about tattoos on celebrities. they wanted me to do a caricature of angelina jolie. of course she's infamous for all her tattoo accessories. but i think i made a lousy job doing her caricature. i wish i could have done more on this.
i made a ketch of a koi as background and texture.
this one is the previous study which was more vibrant and colorful. theyw anted me to tone down the colors a bit because it was too colorful and some of the tones might not look good on the printing.
the problem with my design is that it did not look tattooish, thats what they said. but i was also working on the title to make it look more like a tattoish illustration. so drew the title and traced it in illustrator. i thnk i did a pretty good job here. ;)
Sunday, April 4th- the launching of the redesigned Times of Oman. Not bad for a start!

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