Monday, May 10, 2010

Euro Break-up

This page is one of my daily grinds here. this one i am particularly proud of. iw as trying to achieve something and i successfully reached it.

The story is about investors making more money and getting more andvantage on the fall of euro this days. i gave more focus on the decaying euro which will say more about the story and the dancing man on top will give it a meaning to the graphic.
Full page feature on page 4 that came out May 10 in Times of Oman.
i'm not too happy witht than man illustration. it looks too cartoonish which somehow doesnt go along well with the 3d-ish looking euro.

 This part i am happy about. i think i was able to realise what look i wanted for the euro.

Only the illustration is mine. page layout is done by Srinawas.

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