Friday, May 28, 2010

House Plate Funeral

Commuication is always the key to a harmonious and smooth design process. A good communication with your client or your boss or the editor and the writer will make thing easy as you go along working on a piece. For this illustration, there was a communication gap between our team lead and the editor. As an SOP, the writer/editor goes directly to our team lead to give the story and tells him want he wants for the article, after that the lead will assign an illutrator for the article. Somewhere between their storytelling, my teamlead absorbed the wrong information that was coming. they are by the way, of different nationalities and does not have a good command in speaking english (if i may say that). but it's normal here.

so i spent, almost 2 hours researching & illustrating what was instructed to me with a dash of my own view on the story. Little did i know that i was fed with the wrong information. i was halfway thru when the editor saw my work and smelled something wrong with it. when in fact the real story was about the expensive house plates in Oman that are being destroyed by the some punks and too much money is wasted on that.
 the editor's idea was to illustrate a funeral for these plates. showing deah and sad faces over these house plates. i didn't wanna think of another idea, i was pressd for time. so i did what he wanted.


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