Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Glorious Oman Cover

Glorious Oman is an annual book published by Times of Oman in commemoration for the Rennaisance day. It's like an annual report of the for the country, featuring all its acheivements over the year and the plans and goals for the next year.

This year, i had the opportunity to design the cover. This year, the book is leaning on the technological acheivements and plans for the country. What initially came to mind is something shining shimmering futuristic-3d kind of effect. But along the way, we agreed to make it more sophisticated, elegant with a modern touch.
Ink studies on grid paper.

This is the first study that i made. Some random elements of swirls and curves based on all the Arabic calligraphy on my crash course in Google and and print outs.

A few options for the cover that is actual calligraphy. But it looks dreadful now that im looking at it. hehe

The final cover design.
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