Sunday, January 16, 2011

Omani Tailors

This one is from late December 2010 but published last January 1. It's always good to do something in advance so the rest of the tasks wont be in a rush. The page designer of this is always, and i mean always doing his pages in advance and doesn't tell me when the page is up for publishing. But hey, nothing wrong with that as long as it wont be a conflict with my dailies.

I tried another experiment on this page as far as my style in illustration is concerned. I wanted to achieve something that looks old style of sketching.. im not sure if i got it right but what matters to me now is that this looked really good and im pretty much satisfied with the whole page.

Original illustration withouthe text. I added a cloth texture for the part where the text will run. The tittle was also treated in a way that is has been sewn. Cool, right? It was the page designer's idea. :)

I hate illustrating hands! They are always the hardest part of the body to draw. Arrrgh!

Published on January 01, 2011, Al Shabiba

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