Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Champion's League First Set

And now... make way for the perennial sports illustrations! Champion's League is here and it means more spreads for me to work on. The first set of matches for February has ended and we made four spreads for the most awaited ones.

For this set, I have decided to use a different style on my illustrations, a mixture of my vector and photoshop finish. The figures are bit more distorted with some sharp edges. More gradients are visible too. I was quite hesitant about it because I knew it's gonna take me extra time to finish considering I had to trace my pencil sketch and get the perfect gradient. Unlike my old and trusted style, all i had to do is render them because all the strokes are defined already. But this is for the sake of exploring new possibilities!

AC Milan V Tottenham Hotspurs FC

Illustrations in vector. (first two on top) coach Massimiliano Allegri, Zlatan Ibrahimović, (lower two) coach Harry Redknapp and Peter Crouch

Real Madrid V Olympique Lyonnais

llustrations in vector. coach José Mourinho, coach Claud Puel, Cristiano Ronaldo and Yoann Gourcuff (argghh! so cute!!)


Arsenal FC V. FC Barcelona

The guys in bowling pins are,Gaël Clichy, coach Arsène Wenger. Coach Josep Guardiola is throwing the ball while Leo Messi is the ball of fire.  This was a really fun idea but it mostly leaned on the prediction that FC Barcelona is gonna sweep Arsenal's shiny bowling pin asses (this wasnt't my idea)! And it turned out, Arsenal beat Barcelona's asses! hahaha

FC Internazionale Milano V FC Bayern München  

The blue team are: coach Leonardo and Esteban Cambiasso. The red team are: coach Louis Van Gaal and Tomas Muller. Among all these four, i have to say this is my favorite. It's very clean, well planned and there were no empty spaces. Although i doubt that Muller looked like that guy on the red box, the whole pack of this illustration made me really proud.



All these spreads is a collaboration of me and infographic designer Marcelo Duhalde. We have to be credited for creating these in just one day and i have to stress that i manage to finish and come out still alive every after spreads. It's NOT easy to illustrate FOUR FACES in one day and still have other small task on the side. Believe me it pulled the last strand of my patience.  Except for the first match, I started working on one of the players the day before.

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