Saturday, March 19, 2011

Youth Deliquents

Here is an illustration I made for a small infographic with data about the youth deliquents in Oman. Every time an illustration is needed to support data in charts, it is important that both the illi and the charts/pies are well incorporated so as to make a one solid graphic.

In this case, the tip of the gun fit perfectly for the pie chart! With a few dirts, grunge textures and splashes of some sort of blood to give it a war-freak feel--the whole graphic (for me) was engaging enough for the readers to notice it.

Illustration rendered in PS. Brushes here and there..

The original illustration , ink on paper. The skull face is supposed to give a youthful touch since it's a common symbol or at least a fashion icon for the young and (trying) to be trendy. hehe

Al Batinah has the highest rate of youth delinquents followed by the East Region while Muscat only has 5% .

Published last March 05, 2011 in Al Shabiba 
Infographic Designer: Marcelo Duhalde

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