Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup 2010 Daily Statistics 1

World Cup is almost over and i think i'm gonna miss it. Since Champion's League the paper has been gearing up fot this big event. Al Shabiba, the national paper here in Oman has published a few infographics and posters about the latest news for every matches in world cup. My part is doing most of the illustrations.
The Daily Statistics is one of the graphs we publish, showing the 5 important statics such as the attacks, defend, passes, disciplinary and speed. Stats are always boring specially they all come in numbers! To make sure that this wont look boring especially to the not-so fanatics, we prsented the datas with a lot of illustrations. The center illustration and the one on top were my job.

To add more spice on showing the 5 stats, i illustrated the 5 major stat in a military'r perspective. All five fit just well in its own aspect. this was a fun thing for me to do.

The vector illustrations were done by Winie Ariani. the whole concept was Antonio Farach brainchild. This was a real teamwork.
ink on paper.

Map of countries' best resultsJuxtapoz Illustration (Juxtapoz)The Big Book of Illustration Ideas 23x3: the Magazine of Contemporary IllustrationImage via Wikipedia
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