Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Vuvuzela

The paper also published an inforgraphics about the infamous vuvuzela. It's been a subject of controversy during this world cup so it should be worth the whole spread. I personally enjoyed the outcome of the print on this one. I love the color combination used for all the illustrations. The elephant as the main element had the strongest and the most annoying color of all.
They said that a single vuvzela sounds like an elephant trumpeting. But a hundered vuvuzela played together is like the sound of a swarm of insects. This should be really annoying!
I call this the vuvuphant. Below are the details of the infographics.
The "frequency" illustration above is done by Winie Ariani. All information are researched by Antonio Farach.

Published in Al Shabiba | June 28 2010

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