Friday, February 18, 2011

Cricket World Cup Columnists

Another world cup is here! I didn't know that cricket has one but i do know that it is big in India and some other country like Pakistan and South Africa. I dont really understand how the game works, I just thought it's like the Asian version of baseball because they use a bat.

This event is going to end until April. Damn. It's some world cup! They say one match could last for four hours or more. So that's probably why this event will run for 2 months. Oh well, it will be an opportunity for us in the paper- more advertisers, more fun for the illustators and designers to boost the portfolio. hehe

As for me, I started with these men who knows the game inside out.
From left to right: Gordon greenidge, Geoff mash, Glenn Turner, Aravinda De Silva, Javed Mandad, & Clive Lloyd

Fom left to right: Mathew Hayden, Sir Richard Hadlee, Michael Holding, Shoab Malik, Mohinder Amarnath, & Sauran Ganguly
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