Friday, February 18, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar

This one did not come out in the paper. For some reason, a communication glitch got in the way while deciding if an illustration or a photo will be used for the 2011 Cricket World Cup posters. My design director loved this illustration. I personally liked the styke i am using for this one. But the guy from sports think that this photo is nothing like Sachin Tendulkar, the most famous crickiter in India.

Supposedly, my director has the last say on all the pages but the next day we saw the page and they used a photo. Trouble! 
This is the photo that I used as reference for Sachin. Maybe you guys can tell me if my illustration has at least some similarity or not to this lad. This is supposed to be a caricature, NOT a portrait of Sachin.

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