Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stripper Collection: Apathy

Valentines Day is coming! Anybody up for something sexy to give the significant other??

The Stripper Collection is a set of illustrations i made last year which i plan to develop in to a book. It may be a long shot but that was supposed to be my initial plan. If it doesn't push through, this journal surely will.

These journals are for sale. I have stationaries too. For those who are in Muscat, Oman who wants to buy, just email me. These are limited editions and only very few copies are with me. For those in Cebu City Philippines, let me know if you're interested, this can be made to order. Anybody outside both the countries i mentioned- maybe we can set up a deal ;)

Here is the first one--


The stripper feels nothing, no more than the pleasure of pain. 
She feeds on it and hunts for it.

The journal  final cover

 The original sketch

that's a huge 2010 right there, i hope you don't mind :)

For orders, email me at or just leave a message here ;)

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