Sunday, May 8, 2011

My top 3 spreads before the final match

May 28 will be the final match for Champion's League and we will need to come up with something better than this top 3 spreads below. But before that, let me take pride of these 3 spreads i have created along with inforgraphic designer Marcelo Duhalde.

Top 1 Brazo: Internationalle against FC Bayern
Internationalle: Wesley Sneijder, coach Leonardo
FC Bayern: Arjen Robben, coach Louis Van Gaal
Robben in vector and later in photoshop.

Sneijder in vector and later in photoshop.

Top 2 The Galleon Fight: Tottenham Hotspurs against Real Madrid
Tottenham: Gareth Bale, coach Harry Redknapp
Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo, coach Jose Mourinho
coach Harry Redknapp

Coach Jose Mourinho

the cannonball players: Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 3 The Knights: Manchester United against Chelsea
Players: Wayne Rooney (Manchester)
             Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

Coaches: Sir Alex Frguson (Manchester)
               Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea)

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