Friday, May 27, 2011

Spending my Thursday-Off

My Thursday in Oman is my only FREE day. I usually go panic on what to do and how to spend the most out of my one and only day off in a week. But i always end up at home doing laundry or doing something more productive other than being online whole day available for chatting and catching up with friends and family. Although i haven't finished this yet.. will do in a few days. :)

Kill Me, My Incubus
I made the sketch of this a few months back (maybe 4-5 months ago). But after the whole pencil sketch, i left it lying in my watercolor paper stacks. Forgot about it. For a while there was a battle in my head whether to use watercolor or acrylic--part of the reason why i left it unfinished.

"I will let go, I will stop dreaming and believing in us. I need to set you free, I have been lying to myself every time i tell you you are free, i have kept you for myself all this time. i need to let go, only then when will i ever be able to grow. " 


My colors of despair.

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