Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first anime page

I am not a fan of anime. It never really bothered me that it's a huge culture probably even bigger than life and there are a lot of really good movies, series and comics of anime. Just didn't took my fancy at all. What bothers me is if someone makes a comment of my illustrations and calls it anime. It's so not right!

But i am not a biased artist. Whatever works for a nice article to convey in my art and design, i will pursue it. For this article, it is once again related to Japan and its nuclear crisis and how it is affecting the investors. I thought what a better way to make an anime of it because anime is sooo Japanese (duhh palot)! By the way this is my very first ever to make an anime art. Very first.

The actual newspaper print was really good-- that's me expecting a really bad and poor attempt of an anime comic. Considering i'm a first timer! This page even made it to the wall of 'Best Pages of the Week'! :)
I made each frame in one A3, making sure my drawings are in good quality and very detailed. But i don't know how these anime artist do it. Their lines are just clean and perfect. And doing it in Arabic- my orientation has o be right to left. I was trying so hard to make it look like a pro anime comic-- but it was just a poor attempt. I need more years of practice.

Here are a few of my references. Just random google search. And since i am clueless on how to make anime, i had to have a crash course! I didn't wanna break any rules in anime. I have always had high respect for this art, even if i cannot really appreciate it,  now it just got higher.

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