Monday, August 17, 2009

The Black Stone Production Logo

Black Stone Production is an events company here in Cebu City. I had an opportunity to design their logo and work with them for their maiden event, which is gonna be huge this December.

Here are the logo studies I presented to them. They wanted me to explore a bit on a goth direction. Cool. I also presented something "non-goth" and gave them something generic.

Below is the first choice. I thought they'd love it too since it has that goth feel on it. But they wanted me to change the bird with something different, like a cross or anything related to goth again. Apparently there's a movie tittle that looked like this. I had no idea which movie though.

Now here, i explored on the idea of putting the cross. Uhm, i dunno but i kinda did not like it. Did not even occur to me i was designing for a production company. It looked like a book tittle for some fantasy book. hehe

There was a change of mind. Finally they wanted to proceed with this one. The one with the bird. This was actually my second choice. They thought the first one looked too "funeral". Especially with the cross that looked so significant in the logo.
Watch out for the maiden production of Black Stone. :)


Narki said...

bai! ganahan pod ko sa imong choice! hehe abi nakog mao nana ila i-approve!

palot said...

mao lage, pero oks ra ang final. hehe

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