Thursday, August 6, 2009

I got a new scanner

I bought a new scanner today. FINALLY!!! i wont have to depend on the office scanner. weeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm genuinely happy and i can't contain it. hahahahaha!! Every single sketch i will make will go directly to this scanner. I can just imagine my rush!

Here goes some random page from my sketchbook. Just one page.

Original sketch

A little photoshop enhancements. :)

The little details.


Nonon said...

payter Lot!!! nice kaau...^_^ this one of the artworks nga imong i-exhibit or drowing-drowing ra?

Anonymous said...

nindota ah! kanusa mo gani magexhibit?

palot said...

ssshhhh... under construction pa na. Karon october bai. tunga mo hap! :)

Narki said...

YEY!!! FINALLY!!! Im happy for you bai! dad-a na diri ofis bai!!!! hehehehehehe!

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