Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spot the Freakin' Difference!

Yes i am vain. I love being the subject of the camera's attention. They call it narcissism but i just know that i love myself and i think i am beautiful (bahala ng uban tawo moingun nga feeling gwapa ko, they're just FAT and ugly). :p KAHIBAW KA KINSA KANG YAWAA KA!

Here is what i usuaLly do with my pic before i upload them online. They all go through the beautiful process of photoshop. hehe In there i can be my own maker of my prettier self. I can get rid of those unnecessary shadows, highlights, flabs and ugly marks.
I think the major issue in this photo is the mass of fats on my lower left neck that gave to much weight on my face. Had to get rid of it. Had to smothen that rough face too. Then highlights on the eyes. But im not too haapy with the dress (chest part), its dirty.

photo by Archie Uy | facebook


Narki said...

bai!!! i-edit pod ako dagway!!!

sayuha nato nagchat ganina uy! ikaw, wapaka natog, ako bag-o pa mata ato. hahaha!

they say early bird catches FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT worms bai!

Frances Cabahug said...

That's a pretty good job you did with the neck, I didn't even notice!

palot said...

bai! maktawa ko sa FAAAAAAAAAAAAT WORMS!!!! =))sakto k bai! tuo ko ana nga saying!

Frances, thanks for droppin by! yes the neck part is also a tricky one. i hated all the layered lines that compiled in there. it added a "fat" look on my face. hehehe :)

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