Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy with Guilt

I am so jammed up this week! No wait, this month and im sure next month too. There are so
many things that are needed to be done. My cork board is crowded with "things to do" and lists of deadlines while my iTouch is always snoozing.

Next month i should stop accepting sidelines, atleast just for september. I need to focus on a lot of personal works to prepare me for this event im planning. I wont say anything about it yet. Basta, not yet. hehe

Right now im just really tired and sleepy. The worst part is feeling guilty about it. :(

Here are some doodles i made this afternoon while i was in a three-hour meeting.

I was thinking of a one-word tittle for this something. I'm not too firm about this one but i like the flow. The word is just too cheezy.
This one on the other hand had to do with Cory A., that face i saw in Jude, about timeliness, ilong ranger and some other random stuff that came to mind while immersing myself to listen.
Respect was the word repeated one to many time at that meeting. As you can see, im taking down notes. hehehe

But now i need to sleep. Fuck guilt! Good night


Narki said...

what guilt! hehe

bai, nalingaw na gyud ka sa scanner!!!!! pilay palit nimo? suya ko! hehe

palot said...

tag 4k ra kapin bai! barato nani kai napay mas mahal ug mas kusgan ani. hahahaha

ayaw palit ug 3in1 na scanner bai! bati ug low ang resolution hehehe! kanang SCANNER ALONE ra jud bai hap!

Narki said...

ok bai hap! salamat sa advise! hehe!

palot said...


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