Monday, August 31, 2009


I haven't been posting for a while. For the past few weeks I've been trying to meet deadlines and making sure all clients are wearing 4-heart lives (just like in Sally's Spa and Diner Dash). But i couldn't seem to please them all. Others had to leave because they can't wait and they're losing hearts on me. Oh well, there will be more costumers coming in soon while these sketcheshave nowhere to go.

A sketch i made while passing the time. I was thinking of music, rock, fame, booze, girls, sex, music, rock and more music.

This little bird here came out from nowhere. I thought of a humming bird at first, but no maybe some local bird. Experimenting..
While this little girl right here popped out like magic. Spontaneous. Selling hearts for a long lasting customer.


Narki said...

nasuya nako sa scanner da! hehehehehehe

palot said...

hahahahahahha! palit naaaaaaa!!!

Nonon Yee said...

"...while these sketches have nowhere to go."

all drawings and sketches are welcome sa among fund raising for pens of hope...ganahan ka mu-donate usab?? hehe

palot said...

hahaahah! non! ok ra para naa sad tawn padulngan. hehehe

i might render these if i have time na :) para maporma sad siya :)

pero, i can donate some. sure!

Nonon Yee said...

yehey!! Salamat Lot...mwaahhhh...:)

alettuce said...

ehem.. ehem...

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